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I’ve spent my entire career fighting for middle class families, consumers and small businesses, and I will continue to do so in Congress. Below you can learn more about my priorities and my approach to the issues that are before Congress. Please contact me at info@bonamiciforcongress.com with your ideas and questions.

Rebuild our Economy and Stand up for Small Businesses

As your Congresswoman, job creation is my first priority. We need a local approach to putting people back to work and we need Congress to focus on results instead of scoring political points. More effective leadership in Congress will also inspire certainty and confidence in the private sector, which will be the source of our long-term economic recovery. Our businesses and consumers are delaying investments and purchases in part because they are uncertain about the future, and American families are paying the price as people remain unemployed because our businesses are not able to hire in significant numbers. Learn more…

Suzanne Bonamici has been endorsed by more than 40 small business owners (PDF)

Set Priorities and Put our Financial House in Order

We need to get our priorities straight to get the debt and deficits under control, and the right way to do it is with Oregon values. Learn more…

Restore Consumer Protections and Rebuild Consumer Confidence

Strong and fair consumer protection laws help keep hard-earned dollars in the pockets of consumers. They also level the playing field for businesses. Most businesses play by the rules; those that don’t must not gain competitive advantage by making misrepresentations or engaging in unscrupulous practices. I have spent my career standing up for consumers and small businesses, first at the Federal Trade Commission, then as an attorney in the private sector representing small business owners, and most recently as a state legislator. I have taken on financial firms when they engaged in predatory lending and other unfair practices, and I prevented insurance companies from taking advantage of seniors. Learn more…

Action: Stand up for American Consumers (PDF)

Strengthen Education for our Children and Prepare Them for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Public education is my passion, and it is also the key to rebuilding our communities and our economy. While I was raising my family, I was an active community volunteer in education and the arts. I saw firsthand the impact that budget cuts have on our children and I know the value of small class sizes and well-funded schools. I remain dedicated to fostering a strong public education system from pre-kindergarten through college. Learn more…

Increase Access to Affordable Health Care for All

My first experience dealing with the challenges facing our health care system was when I worked helping low-income families at Legal Aid. I witnessed the stress that people experience when they do not have access to health care. Medical bills can create a downward spiral of debt and other tragic consequences in the lives of families and it was my job to do all I could to get these people back on solid financial ground. Learn more…

Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose

This priority is simple. Politicians should not be making health care decisions for women, period. Oregonians can trust me to vote to protect a woman’s right to make her own reproductive health care decisions and to fight for access to contraception.

Fight Climate Change and Create a Renewable Energy Economy

Climate change is a real and increasing threat to our environment and our economy. I have a strong record of working to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. At the state level I supported legislation that enacted Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio standard, which will require Oregon’s largest utilities to supply 25% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025. Additionally I supported multiple bills to increase the energy efficiency of Oregon homes, small businesses and schools, saving homeowners, business owners and school districts energy and money. Learn more…