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COVID-19 Information

During these challenging times, I want to make sure you have the latest information about Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Many people are struggling because they have lost their income and wonder how they will take care of themselves and their families. Uncertainty about the pandemic is causing great concern in NW Oregon and across the country. As your Representative in Congress, I’m working hard to address these concerns and bring economic relief to you and your family. In addition, I want to make you aware of some community resources.

Every region is experiencing this outbreak differently – even within our District in NW Oregon.The most accurate information for you and your family is available from the county:

For up-to-date statewide information, please visit the Oregon Health Authority website. 






If you are a small business or an individual who needs some assistance, these local resources can help:

Additionally, if you can provide help for other community members in need, here are some volunteer and donation opportunities.


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Suzanne knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. She worked her way through community college, university, and law school. She started her career at Legal Aid and worked as a consumer rights attorney. Throughout her career she’s been a leading advocate for public education, protecting the environment, and civil rights. She’s fighting for a better future for all Oregonians.

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