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Hungry families are not a bargaining chip

Kevin McCarthy's actions in the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations are deeply concerning. He is using hungry families as a bargaining chip, trying to make it more difficult for people to qualify for food assistance under the SNAP program.

For 41 million Americans, this food assistance is the lifeline they rely on.

This is shameful, and it's exactly what we can expect with extremists controlling the Republican Party.

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It is troubling to see that the GOP is trying to cut anti-hunger programs, despite the critical role that SNAP plays in supporting low-income families across the country.

SNAP assists millions of Americans who struggle to make ends meet. Reducing hunger assistance would undoubtedly have devastating consequences for these families, forcing them to make impossible choices between paying for food or other basic needs.

We must stand together to fight against these cruel and unjust policies and fight for a Congress that values compassion, fairness, and empathy.


Posted on April 27, 2023.

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