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This Earth Day, let’s harness the power of democracy

On the first Earth Day in 1970, twenty million Americans came together and marched to demand action against pollution. It was a powerful demonstration of democracy at work, leading to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of critical legislation to protect our air and water.

Today scientists have made it clear that there are only two options: significantly cut emissions now or face catastrophic challenges.

Unfortunately, House Republicans recently passed an energy bill that does the opposite, putting polluters over people and the planet. Instead of promoting a clean energy transition, the bill rewards fossil fuel companies and undermines environmental protections. It is a dangerous move in the wrong direction.

We need leaders who make environmental protection and clean energy solutions top priorities. Will you donate this Earth Day and help fuel the fight for a better future?

The large oil-drilling Willow Project in Alaska is another cause for serious concern. Several of my colleagues and I have called on the Interior Department to suspend the drilling permit and reject future filings by ConocoPhillips. The construction of this project will harm the surrounding ecosystem and community. Millions of people have already expressed strong opposition to the Willow project, and it's time for us to listen.

I am committed to promoting policies that protect the environment for future generations. We have a moral obligation to act now to combat climate change and protect our air, water, and land from carbon pollution.

Will you make a donation and stand with me in this fight for our planet?

It is up to us to work toward a world where future generations can thrive. Let's use the power of democracy to make positive change and create a healthier planet for all.

Thank you for standing with me, and Happy Earth Day!


Posted on April 22, 2023.

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