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Sign my petition: Tell Congress to invest in affordable housing

Stable and affordable housing is critical to rebuilding and strengthening communities and an important part of our economic recovery. Everyone needs a place to call home, but too many lack access to affordable housing. This is an issue that affects urban, suburban, and rural communities in Oregon and across the country.

In Congress, I have advocated and voted for policies like the HOME program, which state and local governments use to assist low-income families with affordable housing.

And as a member of the Congressional Caucus on Homelessness, I will continue fighting for affordable housing and the fair treatment of renters and homeowners.

Solving this crisis will take state, federal, and local leaders working together. There is more that Congress can and should do to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Will you sign my petition and call on Congress to make robust investments in affordable housing?

The demand for affordable housing is increasing, but the supply is limited. 1 in 6 renters are behind on their rent payments, and the percentage is higher among historically marginalized groups. Young people are also far more likely to be behind on their housing payments. And thousands of Oregonians are experiencing homelessness right now.

This year, I helped to secure millions of dollars in funding to build more affordable housing in our communities and provide wraparound support to those experiencing homelessness. This funding will help get people off the street and into safe, supportive housing.

But it's clear that more help is needed.

Will you sign my petition and urge Congress to make robust investments in affordable housing?

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on December 1, 2022.

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