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When workers thrive, communities thrive

Happy Labor Day!

As a representative, I always think about how I can make life better for the people I'm honored to represent.

And I look to working families because when workers thrive, communities thrive.

Are workers being paid enough to keep a roof over their head and feed their families?

Do they have good health benefits and paid family leave?

Do they have the right to organize?

Are they set up to retire with dignity?

On this Labor Day, I'm celebrating the resiliency of our workforce and the resurgence of the American labor movement.

Although workers have made progress, there is more Congress can and should do. I'm a cosponsor of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which would restore the ability of workers to organize for better wages and benefits and improved working conditions.

I will keep up the fight to get this bill passed in Congress. Workers are the backbone of our economy. When workers thrive, communities thrive.

Let's celebrate workers today and then get back to work fighting for working families.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on September 5, 2022.

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Suzanne knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. She worked her way through community college, university, and law school. She started her career at Legal Aid and worked as a consumer rights attorney. Throughout her career she’s been a leading advocate for public education, protecting the environment, and civil rights. She’s fighting for a better future for all Oregonians.

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