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Donald Trump's latest plan to cut the safety net:

In 1935, Social Security was created to allow older Americans to age with dignity and security.

In 1965, Medicare gave seniors better access to health care.

In 2020, we must defend these life-saving programs because Donald Trump has said he will slash their budgets if he wins again.

That's why I'm asking for your support today, because Democrats across the country are the first line of defense for Medicare and Social Security — but only if we win in November.

Donald Trump's latest proposal is a backdoor way of cutting both of these lifeline programs. When he talks about deferring the payroll tax, he's really talking about stealing from our seniors, one paycheck at a time. And when he talks about ending the payroll tax... he means gutting Medicare and Social Security.

While Trump goes on the offensive and spouts hate on Twitter, Democrats in Congress are getting to work.

Earlier this year, I worked with a bipartisan group in Congress to update the Older Americans Act, which funds vital programs that help our seniors live independently and with dignity.

I'm also continuing to address elder fraud and abuse to help protect our aging loved ones. I will always fight to protect the health and safety of our seniors.

For the next 81 days, our grassroots energy is critical. Everyone — from our seniors to our kids — is counting on us to win in November, restore competence and common sense, and reject Donald Trump and his enablers.


Posted on August 14, 2020.

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