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There's no place for him in our government

It's no surprise that so many of the members of President Trump's cabinet, his allies, and his advisors have a racist streak. It shows in the policies Trump pursues.

Recently uncovered emails from White House advisor Stephen Miller reveal that he pressured conservative media to print racist conspiracy theories, and he aggressively stoked white supremacist anger to get Trump elected.

Stephen Miller's racism has no place in our government, and Miller himself, simply put, has no place there either. He must resign.

Miller created the family separation policy that tears migrant children from their parents' arms and locks them in cages. He parrots Trump's attacks on a free press. He aggressively encourages white nationalist violence.

There's no place for him or his policies in building our country's future. Join me in calling on Miller to resign.


Posted on December 16, 2019.