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every minute, a garbage truck...

The ocean covers about 70 percent of the Earth's surface. It's home to millions of plants and animals, and it helps to balance our ecosystem. It also supports economies around the world, including fishing and tourism. Unfortunately, every minute the equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastic – more than eight million metric tons a year – is dumped into the ocean.

In Congress, I co-chair the bipartisan House Oceans Caucus. We work to educate our colleagues about why the health of our oceans must be considered a national and global priority. One of our top priorities is marine pollution, and I've introduced bipartisan legislation to:

The ocean is an important natural resource. At home in Oregon, tourism, fishing and crabbing industries, and our health depend on a coastline that is clean and free from toxic waste. The 2018 Oregon Travel Impact Study found that tourism spending is on the rise. On the North Coast, for example, in one year there was a $7 million spending increase on accommodations alone. We have to protect our seas and shores to keep coastal economies thriving

I'm doing all I can to protect ocean health. Thank you for standing with me.


Posted on September 13, 2019.