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Measure 106 is dangerous to women's health

For more than 40 years, Oregon has upheld the value that reproductive rights should be protected and access to abortion should not depend on someone's income. This year, aggressive political attacks have come to Oregon.

We all know what is at stake nationally in the fight to defend reproductive freedom. I want to tell you about a threat looming right here in Oregon.

Currently, Oregon has no restrictions on abortion access, and it's one of only 17 states where abortion is covered by Medicaid. This year, anti-abortion extremists have qualified a measure for the November ballot that would amend the Oregon Constitution to exclude vital health care services for public employees and low-income Oregonians.

Measure 106 is a poorly-worded measure that could have far-reaching negative consequences. It defines abortion so broadly that it could affect access to contraception, including certain IUDs, emergency contraception, and even birth control pills.

Additionally, Measure 106 would set a dangerous precedent of having voters decide which medical procedures will or will not be covered by insurance, and it cuts access to care for thousands of Oregonians.

Please join me by making a contribution to stop this harmful measure. Your contribution will help educate voters about why it's important to vote NO on 106.


Posted on October 2, 2018.