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What Others in Your Community Are Saying About Suzanne’s Priorities, Work Ethic and Record of Accomplishment & Consensus

Bonamici: On the Side of Oregon Families and Small Businesses

There is only one clear choice for Oregon’s 1st Congressional District — Suzanne Bonamici. I voted for Suzanne because she will support small businesses, invest in job creation and protect Social Security and Medicare. Suzanne is the only candidate in this race who has a track record of supporting everyday Oregonians in our legislature. Suzanne helped provide health coverage for Oregon’s most vulnerable children and took on predatory lenders who sought to make a dollar off the poor man’s back. She fought for health needs of middle class Oregonians like me. Suzanne Bonamici will be an advocate for issues that affect working people and help rebuild the middle class in Oregon. Vote for Suzanne Bonamici.”
-Diana Giannettino, Sheridan

If you want to vote for someone who will represent people instead of big multinational corporations and big money interests, then you should vote for Suzanne Bonamici. She sincerely wants to help small business, public education, homeowners, and people like you and me. She has spent a good part of her career helping others and it is her intent to continue. If you care about our nation and your neighbors, you will vote for her. My wife and I have cast our votes for her. I hope that you will do the same.”
-Bill Eagle, St. Helens

…she has a proven record of tackling complicated problems, from redrawing Oregon’s legislative districts to helping homeowners in danger of foreclosure.”
-Community Newspapers in Forest Grove, Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Scappoose and Portland

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Suzanne understands the importance of small business to Oregon’s economy. In Congress, she will be prepared to ask the question of every proposal, Will this help or hinder Oregon’s small business owners?”
- Mike Roach & Kim Osgood, Owners, Paloma Clothing

Suzanne Bonamici is the only candidate in this election who will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare. She is the only candidate who will support a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions. Suzanne understands we need our priorities focused on rebuilding the economy (by creating good living-wage jobs), protecting the environment and funding a strong system of public education. For too long, Congress has had the wrong priorities. They have focused on giving tax breaks for millionaires and big oil companies. We can’t afford more of the same. We need to send Suzanne Bonamici to Congress to fight for all Oregonians, not just a privileged few.

-Lyn Wilson, Beaverton, for the Beaverton Valley Times

For too long, Congress has had the wrong priorities – choosing tax breaks for millionaires and subsidies for big oil companies, rather than investing in education and job training to support a vibrant middle class.”

I am supporting Suzanne Bonamici because I can trust that she will put Oregon families first, because she always has. She has a record of integrity and can be the consensus builder we need to refocus Congress on the right priorities. Bonamici is the only candidate in this election who will stand up for middle-class families, who will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare and who will support a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.

Bonamici understands that we need priorities focused on rebuilding the economy and the nation in a way that supports middle-class families.

She will protect the environment in order to create a healthy environment for our kids and families. She will work to increase access to capital for small businesses so that those businesses can create good jobs and provide families the security they need to save for college and prepare for the future.

She will work to fund a strong system of public education because she knows that is the only way we can prepare our children to be part of the workforce of tomorrow and ensure long-term economic prosperity for American families.

Thank you. And join me in casting your ballot for Bonamici.

-Laura Hutson, Astoria, for the Daily Astorian

As a mother, Bonamici’s interest in education issues led her to school advocacy and toward the Legislature. Trained as a lawyer, she has worked for Legal Aid in Eugene and did consumer advocacy at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.”
- The Daily Astorian

Suzanne Bonamici has spent her entire career working to improve peoples’ lives. She has stood up for families, seniors and small businesses – and has never stopped.

We can count on Suzanne to continue her fight in Congress for the middle class families who are still struggling in this economy. She knows that political posturing and partisan blame games aren’t going to help families save for retirement, or help them make ends meet, or help those who are still struggling to join – or rejoin – the middle class.

Suzanne is and has always been deeply committed to building a strong middle class. As a consumer protection attorney, she took on a mortgage company scamming families out of their homes. She also helped small business owners who were taken advantage of by corporations who misled them.

As a state legislator, she cracked down on banks and predatory lenders for committing fraud against Oregonians. She passed legislation to protect seniors from insurance scams. And she passed legislation to get small businesses the capital they needed to grow and create jobs right here in Oregon.

Suzanne has a long record of holding unscrupulous corporations accountable, and creating a level playing field where small businesses can thrive and investors and consumers can have confidence in the marketplace.

It has been a long time since we have been represented in Congress by that kind of tenacity, and hers is a voice we sorely need. I am excited to cast my vote for Suzanne Bonamici for Congress.
-Kathryn Harrington, Metro Councilor, District 4

Suzanne Bonamici’s record reflects her heartfelt commitment to the people of her district, and she bases her well-considered decisions on what will work, what is fair, and above all, what is right for the people she serves. She is sincerely dedicated to the work, not the position, and she casts her vote without regard to which way the political winds are blowing. With her principled, thoughtful approach to finding solutions in hand, Suzanne will work as hard as she can to make her votes in Congress count. She will get the job done in Washington, DC, and that’s how it all adds up.”
- Sarah Epstein, Portland

During her time in Oregon’s legislature, as both a state representative and state senator, Bonamici earned accolades for her record as an environmental champion. Her lifetime score on the Oregon League of Conservation Environmental Scorecard is 98% with perfect 100% scores in 2007 as a member of Oregon’s House and in 2011 as a member of Oregon’s Senate. In 2009, Bonamici received OLCV’s Protector of Children’s Health Award for championing legislation that protected Oregon children from exposure to toxic pesticides at schools. Suzanne Bonamici’s record speaks for itself. She is a champion for Oregon families, and she is exactly who we need representing us in Congress.”
-Andy Maggi, OLCV blog

Suzanne believes that small business will drive the economic recovery here in Oregon and across the country. She will evaluate legislative decisions to assure that we have balanced tax and sensible regulatory policies that are helpful and not burdensome to small businesses so they can thrive. She also understands that it is critical that small businesses have equal access to capital to drive the expansion and she will work on that front as well.”
-Michael Allport, President, Allport Editions

“[Bonamici] pushed for a better deal for homeowners facing foreclosure and helped expel payday lenders from Oregon.”
- Willamette Week

I support Suzanne Bonamici. She has the right values, priorities, and background to effectively represent the district’s middle class families. As a state representative and senator, Suzanne successfully worked with both parties. Suzanne helped craft a bipartisan solution to the legislative/congressional redistricting process without unnecessary political bickering and costly judicial involvement. Suzanne always puts people over politics and profits. Despite pressure from financial interests, she fought hard and won for the nation’s homeowners. In the legislature, she continued her advocacy of the middle class while the big banks and mortgage companies resisted. She introduced legislation that would have assisted Oregon’s distressed homeowners in the foreclosure and mortgage modification process. Suzanne never forgets where she comes from. Bonamici worked to pay for her education. She tirelessly works for ordinary people. She works every day for consumers and workers. Vote for Bonamici.”
-Erik Horeis, Forest Heights

Suzanne has been a friend to credit unions for many years. We look forward to working with her in Congress on issues of critical importance to credit unions like member business lending and believe she will remain not only a friend to credit unions but become a champion for us in D.C.”
-Mark Turnham, President/CEO of NW Priority Credit Union

[Bonamici] would, for instance, vote to end the Bush tax break for the wealthiest Americans. Moreover, she grasps that growing income disparity is not good for America. She is pro-choice.”
-The Daily Astorian

Suzanne’s work, both legal and legislative, on behalf of Oregon’s small businesses demonstrates her commitment to small business, and her understanding that a healthy small business sector is absolutely critical to the success of Oregon’s economy. I trust Suzanne to take the right priorities to Congress and be the strong voice for Oregon’s small business community.”
-Christine Chin Ryan, President, Synergy Consulting, Inc.

We are deeply grateful to Suzanne for her work protecting children in Oregon schools from dangerous toxins. She is a true environmental champion who will fight to protect Oregon’s clean air, clean water and special places.”
- Borden Beck, Chair of the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club and middle school teacher

Last month pollsters for Gallup recorded the lowest approval rating for Congress in the 38 years. I understand why; all we hear about today is partisan, childish bickering. It’s time to elect real leaders, leaders who put their head down and focus on solutions that work, on people who are just as frustrated at the rest of us at the failure of our leaders to represent us. That is why I am voting for Suzanne Bonamici – she has a record of serving her community, and fighting for the middle class. She understands that people want a leader they can trust, a leader who will stand for them, and who understands that all of her decision in Congress will affect people’s lives. Suzanne has been and will continue to be that leader, and that is why she has my vote.”
-Mignon Guthrie Hamlin, West Slope

Suzanne is the only candidate who is going to stand up for us, and ensure that what we work for, we can get back. Every time I hear her, I get even more excited.”
-Marilyn Woodbury, Portland

…(Suzanne) has a strong track record on environmental issues, and we are confident that she will continue work to protect Oregon’s environment and natural resources in Congress, for our families and for our future.”
- Christine Lewis, Sierra Club, Oregon Chapter

Suzanne Bonamici is the only candidate we can trust to bring the right priorities to Congress. She will work to rebuild the foundation and economy of this country, standing up for middle class families and investing in a strong system of public education from birth through college.”
-Bonnie Luisi, President of the Oregon School Employees Association

From her personal involvement with the Beaverton School District to her work in Oregon’s legislature, Suzanne’s passion for education is clear and her work to find practical solutions for our schools and teachers is informed and refreshing. Suzanne understands the important role of public education in Oregon’s economic future along with the daily challenges faced by teachers, students and their families, school systems, and all stakeholders involved in public education. She is the clear choice in this election, and I have no doubt that she will continue her work to improve and strengthen the quality of Oregon’s schools.”
- Jeff Hicks, Beaverton School Board Member

We trust that Suzanne will stay focused on Oregon and what’s best for the safety of our communities. She recognizes and respects the work we do every day, and with her, Oregon’s fire fighters will have a true partner in Congress.”
- Kelly Bach, State Representative, IAFF & President/Captain at Oregon State Fire Fighters Council

…(Suzanne) understands that the policies needed to grow Oregon’s economy and keep America’s competitive edge are the same policies that will reduce our dependence on oil and curb harmful pollution. As the most anti-environment session of the U.S. House comes to a close, we look forward to Suzanne continuing her steadfast commitment to protecting public health and the environment in Congress as representative of Oregon’s first district.”
-Gene Karpinski, LCV Action Fund President

Oregonians can trust Suzanne to represent them well in Congress – and to stand up for our families, seniors and small businesses, because that’s what she has done her entire career.

Suzanne has a reputation of integrity, and taking action to improve people’s lives without being divisive. She is guided by the principles of fairness, equity and opportunity. This is exactly what we need more of in Washington, D.C. and that is why I am proud to endorse Suzanne Bonamici for Congress.”
-Governor John Kitzhaber

Suzanne Bonamici, first and foremost, is a person we can trust. We have worked together frequently during her tenure in the Oregon Legislature, and we look forward to working with her in Washington, D.C. Our members feel as though we share a lot of priorities. For example, we’re all concerned about the federal budget. But there’s a right way and wrong way to control federal spending, and Suzanne Bonamici understands that tax breaks for the rich while the working middle class carries the biggest burden isn’t the right way.”
-Joe Baessler, Oregon AFSCME, American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees

Bonamici: Smart, Focused and Diligent

I have rarely seen anyone work harder. (Bonamici) has a ferocious work ethic.”
-State Senator Betsy Johnson

Throughout the campaign, she’s shown poise, an ability to think on her feet and an impressive depth of knowledge about the specific issues now before Congress…her experience, temperament and connections throughout the district give her the edge in this race.”
-Community Newspapers in Forest Grove, Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Scappoose and Portland

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Suzanne has been a real partner in creating an environment that will grow the economy of the future here in our community. Her brand of intelligent, effective, and inclusive leadership is exactly what Congress needs right now.”
-David Vernier, CEO, Vernier Software & Technology

Suzanne Bonamici is an extraordinary legislator and leader. She has always focused on delivering results and improving people’s lives. I’ve seen her work first hand — looking out for senior citizens, Oregon families and small businesses. Congress could learn a lot from her. She doesn’t waste time grandstanding. She puts her head down. She gets to work and she delivers.

Most importantly, though, Suzanne is committed to a job creation plan that puts working people and small business owners first.”
-State Senate President Peter Courtney

…Bonamici would bring experience and understanding of the high-tech interests of the district and solid working relationships with local officials, reflected in her recent endorsement by six county district attorneys. She has the capacity to become a House go-to figure…”
-The Oregonian

Bonamici: A Proven Record of Accomplishment & Consensus

…voters should choose Bonamici and her six years of high-quality legislating in the state House and Senate… Bonamici compiled a Salem record of solid, detailed work, with a focus on consumer protection and an ability to work with her colleagues.”
-The Oregonian

Suzanne Bonamici has the right values, integrity, and has earned a record for her commitment of standing up for families, small businesses, and consumers. She is the clear choice for the 1st Congressional District.”
-Governor Barbara Roberts

(read more testimonials)

Today, I write as a registered nurse with passion and conviction urging my neighbors and fellow constituents of the 1st Congressional District to vote for Suzanne Bonamici for Congress. I have personally known Suzanne for many years. She is a leader with integrity. Suzanne has invaluable experience as a state representative and a state senator. Her belief that it is necessary to remain open to ideas, research all available options and consider legislation on merit will be most welcome in a bitterly divided Congress. She has consistently proved that she can reach across the aisle to successfully collaborate on legislation. There is no doubt in my mind that Suzanne Bonamici is the best qualified candidate for this office.

-Teri Mills, Tualatin, for the Daily Astorian

As a young voter, I am tremendously frustrated by the extreme partisan bickering and lack of action in Congress today. Politicians talk about the importance of bipartisanship, but we see no evidence of members reaching across the aisle to help the American people when we truly need it. Legislation essential to rebuilding our economy for mine and future generations languishes, while ideological wedges drive Congress further to the extremes. Suzanne Bonamici understands my frustration and knows that this is not what America needs. That is why I am supporting her for Congress. We need a new kind of leadership; we need someone with a record of getting things done, and of working cooperatively with her colleagues. Suzanne Bonamici knows what it takes to create legislation that benefits the American people and is right for Oregon. That is what Suzanne has done in the Oregon legislature and the kind of leadership she will take to Congress. She has my vote.”

-Melissa Maebori, Beaverton, for the Beaverton Valley Times

Supporting Suzanne Bonamici, Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative, District 1

For the News-Register

Think of Congress as an automobile. While drivers of various skills can take the automobile in different directions on various types of roads, the internal machinery of the vehicle plays a crucial role in determining how smooth the drive will be, as well as how far and fast the driver can go.” So says Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. If Professor Zelizer is correct in his analogy, then we must be strategic in selecting our next representative. We need someone who has demonstrated an understanding of what it takes to keep the engine running smoothly. Suzanne Bonamici is that person.

Suzanne knows that it is Congress’ role to inspire certainty and confidence in the private sector, which will be the source of our long-term economic recovery. She has a solid plan for getting people back to work. Here are a few examples of Suzanne’s successes:

As a state senator, she worked with Democrats and Republicans to acquire $192 million in funding for the Newberg-Dundee Bypass. The bypass is projected to result in the creation and/or preservation of approximately 3,500 family-wage, construction-related jobs over the life of the project. It also will improve long-term job creation by possibly filling vacant industrially zoned land in Yamhill County, potentially producing 5,200 new jobs. At the federal level, Suzanne will continue to push for investments in infrastructure to put Oregonians back to work building roads, bridges, water systems and electrical grids.

Suzanne knows that small businesses are a critical engine of job growth and economic prosperity, which is why she introduced and passed legislation in Oregon to help small businesses gain access to capital so they can grow, create jobs and increase their bottom lines. As our congresswoman, she will work to ensure the federal government does the same by helping businesses find low-cost capital.

Americans’ support of Congress is at an all-time low, with a mere 13 percent approval rating. The partisan gridlock in Washington has us all disillusioned. We need representatives who will work together for the good of our nation. Suzanne Bonamici provides us with an actual record of real successes in reaching across party lines to get the job done.

Suzanne recently chaired the legislative redistricting committee that was tasked with reapportioning Oregon after the 2010 census. This was the first time in 60 years the Legislature succeeded in such a task. Instead of punting the redistricting to the Secretary of State, Suzanne’s leadership broke the Legislature’s bad habit pattern of six decades. This is exactly the kind of proven leadership we need in Washington.

Suzanne’s record demonstrates why she will be a champion in Congress for workers and small businesses in Oregon and throughout the nation. She understands how the process works and knows how to get things done.

I believe Suzanne Bonamici is the superior candidate in this race and deserves our votes. In addition to getting a well-qualified, extremely competent representative, we will finally be adding a woman back to our federal delegation. As far as representative government goes, it’s about time.

Vote Bonamici for Congress.

— Mary Stern, Yamhill County Commissioner

What I look for in business, whether it be a production employee, a bookkeeper, a sales person, is hard work, sound judgment, the ability to tell a fact from a tall tale, and the courage to challenge someone who may be a fast talker, someone trying to sell a really bad idea. Suzanne has demonstrated these qualities in her public life. She has a record of good judgment, and a concern for the facts. And her track record is public. We know what she has done. I am impressed by all of that and by her as a person. She will be a steady hand in government.”
-Stephen McCarthy, Owner, Clear Creek Distillery

It’s clear that Congress is dysfunctional. We need someone in Washington who shares our values and can actually get things done. This is why I’m supporting Suzanne Bonamici for Congress. Years ago, Suzanne Bonamici worked as a parent-volunteer at Ridgewood Elementary School. Teachers and parents were working to iron out problems related to a Spanish-immersion program. At fractious problem-solving meetings, I witnessed Suzanne pull all the common threads from every quarter and weave a solution we could all be proud of.

Moving to a larger stage, Suzanne Bonamici has proven herself as an effective and powerful consensus builder in the Oregon Senate. She gets things done. In one legislative session, she passed three bills that cut unnecessary educational mandates, encouraged more educators to work in low-income schools and reduced the number of times students are required to re-take tests. Suzanne wants what 1st District residents want: strong, effective public schools.

Few legislators ever pass even one bill. Suzanne gets things done. We need to send a committed and skilled lawmaker to Washington. We need Suzanne Bonamici in Congress.”
-Bruce Hansen, Rock Creek

Since I joined the Beaverton School Board in 2006, I have had the opportunity to see Suzanne Bonamici affecting change.

Suzanne is a passionate advocate for a fair deal – in business, in the law and in public education. Integrity and fairness are her hallmarks and have been for a long time. For example, Suzanne kept a highly balanced perspective throughout Oregon’s recent budget difficulties, fighting for adequate funding for police and public safe, public schools and health services. Rather than toeing any party’s line, Suzanne engaged all stakeholders to be thoughtful about tradeoffs.

Our schools in Beaverton have directly benefited from this fair, balanced and smart voice. When Suzanne realized that school funding was in trouble, she turned her attention to helping schools save money in innovative ways. Suzanne supported efforts to allow Beaverton to manage health insurance costs, helping us save money. Suzanne supported efforts to simplify the burdensome bureaucracy around public education reports and even helped eliminate costly elections for local school committee roles.

As one member of the School Board, I can attest to the integrity and leadership that Suzanne Bonamici provides for public education in Oregon. Suzanne spent years volunteering to make schools better before voters sent her to Salem, and with Suzanne representing us in DC, I am optimistic we’ll have a common sense voice for public education in Congress.”
-Tom Quillin, Member, Beaverton School Board

What Oregon and the nation need are members of Congress who are pragmatic and seek consensus. Suzanne Bonamici’s legislative record tells us that’s who she is. Moreover, she displays the energy and even temperament that are essential for success in the House.”
- The Daily Astorian

Because of her diligence and attention to detail, Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) last year selected her over more senior colleagues to lead the always-controversial job of redrawing legislative district boundaries. Bonamici completed that task without the help of the secretary of state or the courts, the first time in 60 years that has happened.”
-Willamette Week

Suzanne is committed to working with teachers and education professionals to do what’s best for Oregon schools. Her work in the Oregon legislature is proof that she has a strong record of standing up for public education and working to provide educators the tools they need to prepare our children to be the innovators of tomorrow – and we can trust her to do the same in Congress.”
- Louise Currin, Vice President for Political Action, Local 111 (PFSP) and PPS School Secretary, League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, American Federation of Teachers – Oregon

Washington desperately needs Suzanne Bonamici’s leadership. During her tenure in the Oregon state Senate, she has shown commitment, compassion, and equal treatment under the law for all of her constituents. She will take that commitment to the halls of the U.S. Congress.”
- Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese