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Increase Access to Affordable Health Care for All

My first experience dealing with the challenges facing our health care system was when I worked helpeing low-income families at Legal Aid. I witnessed the stress that people experience when they do not have access to health care. Medical bills can create a downward spiral of debt and other tragic consequences in the lives of families and it was my job to do all I could to get these people back on solid financial ground.

This experience, along with my work as a state legislator on the House Health Care Committee and my work as co-chair of the Mental Health Caucus, helped to solidify my commitment to work for affordable and accessible health care for all.

Action: Continue health care reform efforts.

Congress took the first steps to reform our health care system, but more needs to be done. Right now, paying for health care is a struggle for families and small businesses. We need to continue to work toward system focused on health care that is truly accessible so that when people need care, they can access the services they need. When people are healthy, our families, communities and businesses thrive.

Action: Reduce Medicare costs and save seniors money.

States like Oregon negotiate prescription drug prices to save taxpayer dollars, and the federal government should do the same. It’s a logical step to control Medicare costs and save our seniors money – many of whom are on fixed incomes. It’s time to stand up for seniors and take this important step to control costs in Medicare.

Action: Focus on growing the nursing workforce.

In Congress, I support increases in funding for nursing workforce development programs and the elimination of arbitrary barriers that limit the ability of nurses to provide care to the full extent of their education, licensure, and training, especially in rural and underserved areas.