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Fight Climate Change and Create a Renewable Energy Economy

Climate change is a real and increasing threat to our environment and our economy. I have a strong record of working to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. At the state level I supported legislation that enacted Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio standard, which will require Oregon’s largest utilities to supply 25% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2025. Additionally I supported multiple bills to increase the energy efficiency of Oregon homes, small businesses and schools, saving homeowners, business owners and school districts energy and money.

Oregon has shown that we can create jobs while protecting the environment. Investing in clean and renewable energy has and will continue to create jobs, reduce our impact on climate change and simultaneously reduce our reliance on foreign fossil fuels, which will increase our national security.

Action: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Invest in Renewable Energy

Oppose tax benefits for established, fossil fuel industries like big oil. These tax benefits hinder our ability to combat climate change and invest in renewable energy, prolong our dependence on foreign oil, and therefore threaten our national security. Instead we should be investing those resources in our citizenry, protecting the middle class, standing up for seniors and helping our small businesses grow.

Oppose attempts to drill off of Oregon’s coast. Oregonians can count on me to oppose attempts to drill off our coast, just as I did in the Oregon Legislature.

Support policies that decrease our dependence on foreign fossil fuels. I support increasing mileage standards for cars and incentives for electric vehicle adoption and for the development of renewable energy sources.

Support EPA regulation of greenhouse gasses. This must be done in a meaningful way to fight climate change and its effects on the environment, health and the economy.

Support policies that increase the energy efficiency of our buildings. We can reduce energy use and carbon emissions while simultaneously saving money. I support targeted investments in education, research and development in energy efficiency and conservation.