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Daily Astorian Endorses Suzanne Bonamici

October 4, 2012

Editorial: Suzanne Bonamici for U.S. House

October 4, 2012 by Daily Astorian Editorials

In her short tenure, she’s shown the energy and enterprise that are essential

When Suzanne Bonamici won the special congressional election last January, she earned the right to begin her re-election campaign almost immediately. Bonamici replaced Congressman David Wu, halfway through his two-year term. Having been in office some 10 months, Bonamici is on our general election ballot.

As the Democratic Party nominee, Bonamici has three opponents: Bob Eckstrom of the Constitution Party, Delinda Morgan of the Republican Party and Steven Reynolds of the Oregon Progressive Party.

Rep. Bonamici gained two excellent House assignments. She serves on the House Budget Committee and on the House Committee on Science and Technology.

In the wake of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Bonamici has introduced the Marine Debris Emergency Act, which would expedite clean up of the detritus from Japan’s disaster. She has gained bipartisan support for this legislation.

Since her election, Bonamici has made several visits to Clatsop County, for town hall meetings and other public events. She appears to know what’s going on out here, well beyond the nation’s capital.

In her very short time in office, Rep. Bonamici has been a quick study and demonstrated the kind of energy and enterprise we would hope to find in our member of Congress. We urge her re-election.

This article was published by The Daily Astorian, located in Clatsop County ( OR ), and written by Daily Astorian Editorials.

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