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Three Months

May 10, 2012

I have now completed three months in Congress. Since my swearing in, I’ve worked vigorously for the constituents in Oregon’s First District.

My top priority in Congress is to rebuild our economy. The first bill I co-sponsored will allow credit unions to do more small business lending, which will encourage their growth and create new jobs. On the Budget Committee, I am committed to tackling the debt and deficit with a balanced approach. Unfortunately, the House-passed budget provides additional tax breaks for the wealthiest, inhibits job growth, and cuts spending to our safety-net programs designed to help the most vulnerable in our communities. I continue to work with a number of colleagues to attempt to change some of the most harmful provisions of this budget.

I fought to keep student loan interest rates down and to prevent cuts in federal education funds to states for important programs like Title I and Head Start.

Additionally, I’ve been outspoken in my support of a woman’s right to choose and LGBT equality. I spoke on the House floor about the importance of contraception coverage and access to affordable healthcare. I’ve cosponsored bills to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and to end discrimination of LGBT members of our community within employment, education, adoption, and foster care systems.

There is still much to do in our nation’s capitol, and my 2012 re-election campaign is already well underway. It is an honor to serve the constituents of the First Congressional District, and I hope to continue serving.

Thank you for your continued support.


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