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Oregonians Elect Suzanne Bonamici to Congress

February 1, 2012

Voters respond to Suzanne’s life-long commitment to fairness and opportunity

Beaverton, Ore. (January 31, 2012) – Voters today elected Suzanne Bonamici to represent Oregon’s First Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. Bonamici brings with her to Congress a long record of standing up for middle class families, consumers and small businesses, and a reputation as a focused, determined representative known for her integrity.

“I am truly honored to represent such an important, diverse and dynamic district – and in that representation, I will always put the needs of people before politics. It’s just who I am,” Bonamici said. “I look forward to working on our shared priorities: getting Oregonians back to work, helping our businesses get the capital they need to grow, investing in education and job training and assuring we have strong, balanced consumer protection laws to help us recover from the financial crisis.”

Bonamici worked her way through community college, college, and law school at Legal Aid, helping low-income families who were struggling. After law school, she was an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C., where she held mortgage brokers accountable for scamming families out of their homes. She then returned to Oregon and entered private practice, representing small businesses.

As a state legislator, Bonamici is known for passing strong consumer protection laws, increasing access to capital for small businesses and for her deep commitment to a strong system of public education.

“Our nation’s unmatched prosperity, industriousness and creativity over the last century can be traced directly to the promise offered to every generation – that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can succeed in America,” Bonamici said. “Oregonians want someone to stand up to powerful interests and serve the people back home who can not afford their own high-priced lobbyists, but who deserve their voices to be heard. I intend to be an advocate for getting back to basics of fairness and accountability.”

Carol Butler, campaign manager, added, “Suzanne is the perfect representative for this moment in history. At a time when voters are incredibly frustrated, Suzanne has a strong and credible record of working for consumers and middle class families and she has earned a reputation as one of Oregon’s most principled and effective leaders.”

Looking back at the campaign and forward to Congress, Bonamici said, “I hope we can take from this election a shared desire to move past obstructionist party politics and back to the small “r” republican idea of representative government and the small “d” democratic idea of serving our common good. Our country and this district deserve nothing less.”

U.S. House officials will inform Bonamici about the date of her swearing in. In the interim, updates will be posted to her campaign website – www.bonamiciforcongress.com – until further notice.


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