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Seniors’ Group Representing Thousands of Oregonians Endorses Suzanne for Congress

January 12, 2012

Beaverton, Ore (January 12, 2012) – Oregon seniors and Max Richtman, president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM), gathered today to announce publicly their support for Suzanne Bonamici as Oregon’s next member of Congress.

“The reason I am here is to endorse Suzanne Bonamici in her race to be the next Congresswoman from this district,” said Mr. Richtman. “We are not a partisan organization, we support Democrats and Republicans. We support candidates for Congress who vote the right way and are good on our issues. Suzanne’s answers to NCPSSM’s questionnaire could not have been stronger when it came to protecting Social Security and Medicare. Suzanne is on the right side, on seniors’ side.”

Mr. Richtman also mentioned that during one of Rob Cornilles’ visits to Washington, DC, NCPSSM offered him the opportunity to meet with them and fill out their questionnaire. Cornilles did not respond to either request.

The political action committee of NCPSSM chose to endorse Bonamici over her opponent because she has been clear in her commitment to protecting the promise of Social Security and Medicare. The committee has more than 7400 members and supporters in Oregon’s First Congressional District.

Marilyn Woodbury, a resident of Portland, attended today’s event and said that she was supporting Suzanne because her priorities and values are clear.

“Suzanne is the only candidate who is going to stand up for us, and ensure that what we work for, we can get back,” said Ms. Woodbury. “Every time I hear her, I get even more excited.”

Bonamici knows that protecting Social Security and Medicare is a matter of priorities, and in Congress will work with her colleagues to tackle the debt while also making sure that promises to our seniors are not broken.

“We must get our financial house in order and that begins with ending tax cuts for millionaires, ending tax breaks for corporations that don’t need them, combating Medicare fraud and using the buying power of the government to negotiate for prescription drugs to save Medicare and our seniors money. By taking those steps, we will have more resources to focus on our priorities, including protecting the promise of Social Security and Medicare,” Bonamici said. “Seniors did not cause the economic crisis we are in, and we should not hold them responsible for solving it. Our seniors trust in Medicare and Social Security because they have provided important benefits for them when they need them most. Now it’s our responsibility – and my priority – to continue that trust.”


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